Available courses

    Topics of how to produce :

    1.Postage Stamp Gum
    2.Rubber Solution
    3.Office Gum
    4. Envelope Gum
    5. Glass Bottle Adhesives
    6. Photo Paste
    7. Printer Gum (Plate Gum)
    8. Casein Glue (Liquid type)
    9. Casein Glue. (Powder type)
    10. Wood& General Purpose White Glue
    11. PVC Glue
    12. Shoe Sole Glue
    13. Gasket Gum

    Cosmetics Formulation Topics

    1.hair care
    2.face care
    3.body care
    4.hand care
    5.eye care
    6.lip and mouth care
    7.foot  and leg care
    8.pets care
    9.deodorants and spray products
    10.men’s product
    11.kid’s product

    List of Topics

    1. decorative paints 
    2. car and marine paints (CMP300)                                                                 

    Beverage production Topics
    1.Alcoholic Beverages (Bear, Stout, wine, Hot drinks etc)
    2.Carbonated soft drinks
    3.Cacoa Beverages
    4.Fruit  Juice
    5.Flavoured Milk Ice Creams

    List of Topic Categories

    1.Beginners supplement preparation(BSP 100)
    2.Intermediate supplement preparation(ISP200)
    3.Advanced supplement preparation(ASP300)

    List of Topics

    1.Flexography Ink

    2.Gravure Inks

    3.Indelible Inks

    4.Lithographic Inks

    5.Newspaper Inks

    6.Photocopy Inks

    7.Screen Inks

    8.Textile Inks

    9.Computer Inks

    10.Stamp Pad Inks

    11.Writing Inks

    12.Marker Inks

    List of Topics

    1.Automatic transmission fluid (ATF)

    2.Brake & Clutch Fluid

    3.Chain lubricant

    4.Cutting Oil

    5.Engine Oil

    6.Engine Oil Coolant

    7.Gear Oils

    8.Hydraulic Oil


    10.Machine Oil

    11.Penetrating Oil

    12.Radiator Coolant

    List of Topics

    How to produce Chemical and Organic Solutions

    List of Topics : How to produce:

    Beginners toiletries formulation(BTF100)
    Advanced toiletry formulation (ATF100):

    1.Air Freshners

    2.Antiseptic (E.G Dettol)

    3.Germicide (E.Gizal)

    4.Toilet Cleaner

    5.Laundry (Bar) Soaps

    6.Liquid Soaps/Detergents

    7.Medicated Soaps

    8.Powder Soaps

    9.Toilet Soaps

    10.Car Wash Liquid

    11.Industrial Soaps (Degreasers, Dispersants).

    12.Laundry Stain removals

    List of Topics

    1.processing of Meat Products
    2. Processing of Fruits and Vegetables
    3. Processing of Cereal Products
    4. Processing of Dairy Products
    5. Processing of Oilseeds (peanut butter and oil)
    6. Processing of Legumes and Pulses
    7. Handling and Processing of Honey
    8.Packaging of Food Grains
    9. Food Safety Management

    List of Topics

    1.Accounting And Book Keeping

    2.Marketing And Branding

    3.Economics and administration

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