Learn How to Produce Paints

The Department is one of the eleven Departments In the Ventota Training Academy. The Deparment is situated in lagos, Nigeria , and Headed by Mr.Uye Uwe Francis.


The Department focuses more on the manufacture of building paints and automobile paints.
You will also learn how to conduct feasibility study,contract negotiations,marketing strategies,good management practices and accounting.
The courses are divided into 3 different levels

  • You must be passionate about painting
  • You must be passionate about colours
  • You must be able to handle paint chemicals.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to produce different types of paints.
  • Painters who want to learn how to produce their own paint.
  • Anyone who is passionate about colours.
  • Anyone who wants to own a paint production firm.
  • Painters who wants to have control over the quality of paint.

What you will Learn

  • How to produce different types of paints.
  • Learn how to market your brand.
  • How to maintain good accounting records for your business.
  • How to do maintain management practice.
BPFA101Understanding the paint manufacturing industry:history and types,critical success
factor,startup factors and cost
BPFA102Understanding the role of each ingredient
BPFA103Brush and roller basics
BPFA104Paints color basics
BPFA105Surface preparation,surface maintenance,surface repair and touchup
BPFA106Production of emulsion paint
BPFA107Production of texcoat paint
BPFA108Production of satin paint
BPFA109Production of flextured paint
BPFA110Production of flex coat paint
BPFA111Production of gloss paint
BPFA112Production of anti rust paint
BPFA113Business management for painter1 covering: complying with business registration responsibilities, identifying taxation requirements, maintaining legal documents Protecting your legal rights, negotiate and arrange contracts, tendering for contracts Negotiating a contract, identifying insurance requirements
BPFA114Financial management and budgeting for painters1 topics covered include: Budgeting, financial forecasting, calculating hourly rates, interpreting financial reports
BPFA115Business marketing for painters topics include: Tracking your leads, sales funnel
IPFA101Understanding of colour charts and production of different colours of paints
IPFA102Colour consultancy covering historical influences of colour,colour psychology influences,how to research heritage colour schemes,colour wheel theory,colour harmony theory,factors that affect the apparent colour of paint,paint colour bases
How to choose a base colour,how to choose contrast colours,how to write a paint colour schedule,how to create colour scheme for a commercial project
IPFA103Production of base coat paint
IPFA104Production of under coat paint
IPFA105Production of marble effect paint
IPFA106Production of marble trowel paint
IPFA107Production of eggshell matt paint
IPFA108Production of pop emulsion paint
IPFA109Production of textured matt paint
IPFA110Production of varnish
IPFA111Production of graffitex
IPFA112Business management for painter2: business planning including swot analysis, Business structures and what will work best for you, Quoting, contracts and tendering, Taxation,Legal requirements and risk of small business, Calculating and estimating of plans, Marketing and sales including social media and web-site marketing, Customer service strategies, How to find and retain great customers, Calculating hourly rates, How to recruit, train and manage staff effectively, Sustainability and workplace health and safety management, How to handle and avoid disputes with builders and clients, Environmental management plans
IPFA113Financial management and budgeting for painters2 topics include How to create and
interpret financial reports, forecasting,
IPFA114Business marketing for painters2 it covers: identifying your target market, social media marketing, web-sites and internet presence
APFP101Safety procedures for use of ladders
APFP102Spray paints application basis
APFP103Production of stucco paint
APFP104Production of silk paint
APFP105Production of floor paint
APFP106Production of road marking paint
APFP107Production of water proof emulsion paint
APFP108Production of water proof texcoat paint
APFP109Production of weather shield paint
APFP110Production of c40 screeding paint
APFP111Production of c50 screeding paint
APFP112Production of satin remover (tiles cleaner after satin wall painting)
APFP113Production of wood polish
APFP114Production of thinner chemical for mixing oil paint
APFP115Production of mosquitoes repellant paint
APFP116Business management 3 this course will help you quote and estimate professionally for commercial and domestic jobs. It includes: reading plans and specifications, understanding tender documents, estimating of quantities, calculations of charge and labor rates, overheads applicable, effective site measuring tips for preparing and
presenting a quotation.
APFP117Financial management and budgeting for painters3
APFP118Business marketing for painters3 it covers: budgeting for marketing, effective marketing strategies, designing logos and branding