The Department is one of the Eleven Departments In the Ventota Training Academy. The Department is situated in Lagos, Nigeria .The Head is Mr.UYE UWE FRANCIS.


The courses are divided into two namely :

  • Beginners Adhesive formulation(BFA100)
  • Advanced adhesive formulation(AFA200)


  • You must passionate about gums.
  • You must be passionate about manufacturing of adhesives.
  • You must be able to handle adhesive chemicals.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to produce different types of adhesives.
  • Painters who want to learn how to produce their own adhesives.
  • Anyone who is passionate about chemical bonding.
  • Anyone who wants to own a adhesive production firm.
  • Plumber who wants to have control over the quality of adhesives.

What you’ll learn

  • How to produce different types of gums.
  • Learn how to market your brand.
  • How to maintain good accounting records for your business.
  • How to do maintain management practice.
BFA101Covers the origin and functions of the common ingredients used in adhesives for an understanding of what gets used in products and why.
BFA102Covers regulatory agency and how to scale their requirements
BFA103Covers production of postage stamp gum
BFA104Covers production of office gum
BFA105Covers production of envelope gum
BFA106Covers production of glass bottle gum
BFA107Business management for adhesive producers covering: complying with business registration
responsibilities, identifying taxation requirements, maintaining legal documents
Protecting your legal rights, negotiate and arrange contracts, tendering for contracts
Negotiating a contract, identifying insurance requirements
BFA108Financial management and budgeting for adhesives producers topics covered include:
Budgeting, financial forecasting, calculating hourly rates, interpreting financial
BFA109Business marketing for adhesive producers topics include:
Tracking your leads, sales funnel, : Identifying Your Target Market, Social Media Marketing, Web-Sites And Internet Presence, Packaging Of Products,Branding
AFA201Covers alternative material for the production of adhesives
AFA202Covers trend in the business,marketing,packaging and branding PART2
AFA203Covers production of rubber solution
AFA204Covers production of photo paste
AFA205Covers production of printer gum
AFA206Covers production of casein glue liquid
AFA207Covers production of casein gluepowder
AFA208Covers production of wood and general purpose white glue
AFA209Covers production of pvc glue
AFA210Covers production of shoe sole glue
AFA211Covers production of gasket glue
AFA212Business management this course will help you quote and estimate professionally for commercial and domestic jobs. It includes: reading plans and specifications,understanding tender documents, estimating of quantities, calculations of charge and labor rates, overheads applicable
AFA213Financial Management And Budgeting For adhesive producers
AFA214Business marketing for adhesive producers it covers: budgeting for marketing, effective marketing strategies, designing logos and branding