We are a training institution developed to support the ever growing educational needs of the ever growing DIY industry around the world.

The academy is divided into 11 different departments namely:

1.Department of Adhesives production

2.Department of Cosmetics production

3.Department of Paints production

4.Department of  Beverages  production

5.Department of Herbs and drugs production

6.Department of Printing inks production

7.Department of Lubricants production

8.Department of Agrochemical Production

9.Department of toiletries

10.Department of Agroprocessing

11.Department of Entrepreneurship

VTA courses are kept up to date with industry innovations reflective of quality and consumer demands.

At ventota training academy, our goals are to:

• Enhance the success of current and emerging brands

• Lead the field in distance education in this industry

• Encourage the ethical content of product promotions and consumer information

• Provide quality, supportive distance training in DIY formulation, regulation

and brand management at workshop, short course and Diploma levels. You can view testimonials from other students and check our credentials here


• Practical materials (where required) sent to you anywhere in the world

• Electoric text and On-line lecture access – so you can study at a time and place that suits you

• Tutorial videos including extra and specific guidance, multiple practical demonstrations and

workplace simulated scenarios

• One-on-One training support via skype/phone throughout your training from a dedicated and experienced trainer if you need additional assistance or have questions.

• Detailed study program so you know what to study and when, and to help you plan and track your

study progress.

• Check-ups approximately every 2 weeks (but you can contact us at any time if you need extra support).